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Cayman Islands: Where the Sun Goes Down Every Night

The Cayman Islands have a lot of attractions that cost money. Swim with the dolphins? Play with the stingrays? Parasail? They are all neat experiences, but they are all going to make your wallet a little lighter. One of the neatest experiences in the Cayman Islands is absolutely free! Every night of your vacation, the sun will go down. (I know--what a concept?) You might think once you've seen a sunset, you've seen them all, but each one truly is unique and they provide amazing photo opportunities.

Cayman May 2008 061



My recommendation is to gather on your patio (or somewhere with a view of the sunset) with your favorite appetizers and a glass of wine by 5:15. This gives you ample time to converse with family and friends, while waiting for the sun to set. 


You might think that the sunset isn't going to be anything special some night, but always give it a chance. Those clouds can move out just in time for an amazing photo opportunity.

There is a certain buzz around the beach as the sun approaches the horizon with everyone hoping for that perfect sunset that elicits a green flash. You might wonder "what in the world is a green flash?"

Well, it is a real phenomenon that occurs when there is absolutely no cloud cover between your eyes and the sun, at the moment it disappears below the horizon. As someone who has seen about 5 green flashes in my life, it IS real. And it IS real cool. Every day gives you a new opportunity to see it, so I suggest taking advantage of those chances.

Click Here: YouTube Video of Visitors at Treasure Island Unit 101 Waiting for Green Flash

Cayman May 2008 517

Cayman May 2008 520

Cayman May 2008 525

I think so highly of the Cayman Islands sunsets that I chose to propose to my wife in front of one in 2004. There isn't a more romantic spot than on the beach in the Cayman Islands during a sunset.


The clouds surrounding the sun during a Cayman Islands sunset are different every night and create a variety of colors and images that make each moment unique. Over the years we have had a lot of fun trying to find animals out of the shapes of the clouds.

Click Here: YouTube video of Looking for Animals in the Clouds



As I sit here and look out the window at another blizzard dumping snow on us in the Midwest, I realize I could really go for a Cayman sunset right about now. A lot of things about your trip to the Cayman Islands will be a surprise to you, but one thing you can always count on is the sun going down every night. 


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