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The Wonderful People of Grand Cayman

Besides the weather, dining, and water, one of the things that makes Grand Cayman so special is the people that reside there. Natives of the Cayman Islands are termed Caymanian and they are a very proud bunch. The population of the islands is under 60,000 people, which is the size of a small American town. Caymanians are a mixture of Afro-European, African, and European. There is a distinct Caymanian dialect that can be difficult for visitors to understand, but they do speak English. The most prolific trait of Caymanians is their genuine personality. They are all very welcoming of their visitors, unlike many European countries. I've yet to meet a Caymanian that wasn't willing to help me with directions or advice on things to do. 

The Cayman Islands are a very wealthy island with low unemployment. Due to this fact, there is very little crime on the island, making it one of the safest travel destinations in the world. Recently there has been some talk of crime on the island, but relative to other cities around the world, the Cayman Islands have the lowest crime rate of anywhere. Crime is so rare on the Island, that when something does happen, it is major news. If you take general travel precautions (don't walk alone late at night, lock your doors, and stay in the populated areas of the island) you will have no issues.

From the moment you land at the airport, each and every Caymanian makes you feel welcome. It typically starts with the taxi driver on the way to your condo. They are always willing to chat about the weather, where you're from, and if it is your first visit. I recommend using the taxi driver as a tour guide. Ask them questions and you will have a nice understanding of where things are and what to do, before you ever get to your condo. A few examples of the great personalities of Caymanians is evident here:

Debbie Myers Greets You Upon Your Arrival

Kerry Ebanks Talks About a Trip on the Sea Fire

Don't be afraid to rely on the local personalities to make your trip to Grand Cayman even more special. They truly are some of the nicest people around the world. One small piece of advice, don't expect them to be on time, or move very fast to get things done. But you can't really blame them because they are on "Cayman Time". After all, when your in the Cayman Islands, your watches should be left in the luggage anyway. Enjoy!


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