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2 posts from March 2011


Grand Cayman: Fun at Royal Palms

There is a spot on Seven Mile Beach that can entertain you and your family at any time of day. Just a short walk from Treasure Island Condominiums, Royal Palms has it all. Looking for a quiet spot early in the morning? Grab your favorite book and a lawn chair on the sandy Royal Palms beach. Looking for a great lunch on the beach? Head to Royal Palms for a great sandwich or wrap. Looking for a day time Island drink? Stop by Royal Palms during your walk down Seven Mile Beach. Looking for water sport activities? Royal Palms has a stand that rents out all the entertaining water sports that kids love. Looking for a place to watch the sunset and have a few Happy Hour drinks? The friendly bartenders at Royal Palms will have whatever you crave. Looking for a fine dining option? Eat at the Royal Palms restaurant, Reef Grill. Looking for late night entertainment? Hit the Royal Palms dance floor for some live music, outside, right on Seven Mile Beach.

As you can see, Royal Palms has it all. Right in the heart of Seven Mile Beach, it is easy to access from any of the various condo properties. They have a standard lunch menu that offers wraps, sandwiches, and burgers. Their restaurant, Reef Grill, offers an exquisite menu, including a daily fresh catch that is sure to make your mouth water. For late night entertainment, there is live music until midnight, where you can dance the night away under the Caribbean stars. Finally, if your looking for a place to parasail, rent jet-skis or kayaks, these activities are all offered right on their beach. 

When I'm walking home from a trip down 7 Mile Beach, I love to make a visit to Royal Palms to grab a Nutty Monkey, which is one of their specialty frozen drinks. Whether looking for a romantic dinner, live music, or a place to watch the sunset, Royal Palms is a must-visit spot.

 Royal Palms Video


Billy Bones: Great Fun For Anyone

One of the best things about Treasure Island Condominiums is having full access to the most popular swim-up bar on the entire Island. Everyone can enjoy Billy Bones, regardless of what you are looking for. When I get off the plane, the first thing I do is get my swimsuit on and head over to Billy Bone's for some lunch. 


Whether looking for a great sandwich, a rum punch, or an evening of entertainment, Billy Bones has it all! Children love the ability to swim up to the bar and not have to take a break from their swimming to get lunch. They offer hot dogs, grilled cheese, and quesadillas that kids can enjoy. Kids usually think it is pretty "cool" to be able to eat their lunch while sitting in the water (I know I did).


Adults love to use Billy Bones as a place to socialize. There is never a lack of activity at the "water side" of the bar or the "land side" of the bar. They have friendly bartenders who can mix any island drink ever created. In addition, there are 3 big screen TVs that show popular American sports, including NFL football, basketball, and baseball. Some other menu items that adults enjoy are the mahi-mahi sandwhich, flatbread pizzas, and delicious wraps. 


In addition to hanging on the "water side" of the pool bar, there is a full seating area on the "land side" if you aren't in the mood to get wet. They often host poker tournaments, parties, and games on the land side during the evenings and even have live music sometimes.


The land side of Billy Bones is open to anyone and is often considered the most popular bar on the island. However, you must be staying at Treasure Island Condominiums to utilize the water side of the bar, which keeps the pool off-limits to non-guests, allowing the guests to enjoy the pool without it being over-crowded.

So whether enjoying Happy Hour 2-for-1 rum punch, Thursday night Poker Night, or grabbing lunch with your kids, Billy Bones is a great spot for everyone.