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Starry Starry Starfish: Hidden Beauty in the North Sound

When people talk about trips to the North Sound, you often hear them rave about stingray city, the reef, and the coral gardens. All three of these stops are beautiful and staples of any snorkel trip in Grand Cayman. However, a hidden gem in the North Sound is the obscure area that has hundreds of beautiful starfish of all sizes. It might be worth the visit for some amazing photo opportunities.

The area  is about 10-15 feet deep, which makes it a fairly simple dive down to pick up the live starfish that are living at the bottom of the sea. They come in all different sizes and although you can not take them home with you, you can play with them and feel their unique texture. 






So if you ever visit Grand Cayman and go on a North Sound snorkel trip, make sure to ask your captain if he can swing by the Starfish area. You won't be disappointed.


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