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Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen!

When visiting the Cayman Islands, you will definitely notice a more intense sun UV factor than anywhere else you've ever been. It doesn't matter how many tanning beds you have visited or  how "dark" you think your base is when you arrive. If you don't put on suncreen, you will be sorry. If you take these 10 steps, you can avoid a painful sunburn that can ruin a good portion of an otherwise amazing trip.

Cayman 2
1. Begin the week with the highest sunscreen you have. I recommend no lower than 30 for the first day. 

2. Don't ever think it is too early (i.e. morning run) or too late (cocktail hour) to get burned. The sun is intense and it can and will burn you any time of day.

3. Reapply several times throughout the day. Even if your sunscreen says it is waterproof and last up to 8 hours. It isn't and it doesn't. 

4. Cloudy days can be the worst days. If you see clouds covering the sun and assume you are in the clear, think again. The UV rays poke through the clouds and reflect off the water. (See Photo below)

Cayman 3

5. As the week goes on and you get more accustommed to the sun, you can lower your number of sunscreen so you can still go home with some color, but I don't recommend you stop wearing it all together.

6. When snorkeling, make sure someone applies sunscreen to your neck, shoulders, and back. With full exposure, there is nothing protecting you from the direct reflection off the ocean. This can give you a serious sun burn on your back that can be painful for several days.

7. A great way to protect your scalp and face is to wear a baseball cap. Wear it on the beach, wear it in the water, wear it everywhere.

8. Don't forget the top of your feet. The most common spot I forget to put sunscreen on is the top of my feet. After a long day walking down the beach, I can hardly put shoes or even sandals on for dinner.

9. Lotion works better than spray. While the spray seems convenient, you waste a ton of it because it doesn't all land on your body. It also is very hard to get a solid cover, which creates splotches of sun burn.


10. Take some aloe lotion. If you ignore any of the above rules, at least you'll have some relief for when I say "I told you so."

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Cayman Islands from A to Z

For a little fun this week, I decided to go a different route. Enjoy!

A: Appleton Rum--The local rum is much cheaper than the imported rums such as Captain Morgan. By the end of your trip you won't even know the difference.

B: Beach--7 Mile Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you are walking, jogging, swimming, snorkeling, wading, or relaxing, 7 Mile Beach is for people of all ages.

C: Casanova's By The Sea--There isn't a better restaurant on the entire island than Casanova's. This authentic Italian restaurant overlooks the ocean and the service is what sets this restaurant apart from any other restaurant in the world.


D: Diving--Cayman has been known to have some of the best diving in the world. If you have never gotten certified, there are half-day certification classes offered at several places on the island. 

E: Eel--A morray eel is among the many exciting sea creatures you can see on a snorkel trip to the North Sound, including lobsters, sea turtles, nurse sharks, and barracuda to name a few.

F: Food--The Cayman Islands offer some of the best seafood in the world. It is always caught fresh and every restaurant has their own unique preparation, including the always popular "Cayman Style."

G: Georgetown--Downtown Georgetown offers the island's best shopping. From jewelry, sunglasses, watches to souveniers and t-shirts, you will find it all in Georgetown. You'll even be able to find discounts and deals due to everything being duty free and tax free.

H: Hell--Yes there is a city on Grand Cayman called Hell. You can visit for photos, and even have a postcard sent back home from the "Hell" Post Office with an official postage stamp. 

I: Iguanas--Don't be frightened by the large iguanas that sometimes hang around the pool area. They are very friendly and offer great photo opportunities.

J: Jolly Roger: This sunset cruise on an old pirate ship offers a great opportunity to sip on some rum punch while watching the sun hit the horizon. They also offer a day time lunch cruise, geared towards children, complete with walking the plank, like the old pirates.

K: Kirk's--This supermarket is centrally located near 7 Mile Beach for you to stock up on groceries for your stay.

L: Lobster Pot--Another popular Cayman Restuarant that over looks the ocean and offers some of the best lobster dishes you will ever find.

M: Moon--When the full moon reflects off the ocean at night, there isn't a more romantic moment.


N: North Sound--This is the area between the two points of the North side of the island, where all the snorkel trips visit. The snorkel reef at the North Sound is second to none with the beautiful corrals and colorful fish.


O: Ocean--The Cayman Islands waters offer great clarity for snorkeling and optimum temperatures for swimming or wading all day. They also are safe for children because the Cayman Islands have no current or high waves.

P: People--Caymanians are some of the friendliest people in all the world. They are always willing to help and are quite entertaining to talk to with all their stories. You will also see Jamaicans on the island who make their way over from the nearby island.

Q: Quiet--Grand Cayman is not a place to go if you are looking for a lot of noise and night life. It is a very quiet, relaxing island, whicn is perfect for a vacation. 


R: Rum Point--Home of the Original Mudslide, Rum Point is a must-visit place. It's a good 45 minute drive from Georgetown, but offers an opportunity to see the native land and you are rewarded with a mudslide when you get there. This quiet beach offers a nice swimming area as well.


S: Stingray City--One of the more unique places in the world, Stingray City offers the opportunity to swim with, pet, and feed these amazing animals. If you have the right captain, you might even be able to get a stingray back massage. 

T: Turtle Farm--The Cayman Island's Turtle Farm is a great spot for children to visit where then can pet, hold, and learn all about turtles.

U: UV Rays--No matter how much sun you are used to or how much you tanned before you visited, lots of sunscreen is going to be needed. The Cayman Islands are located on the equator and combined with the reflection of the sun off the pool and ocean, the perfect receipe for sunburn.


V: Vacation--There is no better vacation spot in my mind than Grand Cayman. It combines sunshine, water, drinks, great food, relaxation, and beautiful sunsets all into one amazing visit.


W: Watersports--Take a walk down 7 Mile Beach and visit any of the Watersports stands. Jetski. Parasail. Kayak. Banana Boat Rides. They have it all for you or your family to enjoy.

X: XoXo: Weddings. Honeymoons. Anniversaries. There is no more romantic place than Grand Cayman in the world.


Y: Year-round: Grand Cayman is a year-round destination. There is never a bad time to visit Cayman. Whether in the hot summer months, or the warm winter months, the Cayman Islands are always comfortable and the water is always warm.

Z: Zoo: The Grand Cayman waters offer your very own under-water zoo full of animals and fish.


So there you have it--a quick A to Z guide of the Cayman Islands. Enjoy your next visit!

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Don't Be Scared to Visit Cayman During Rainy Season

For the longest time, September and October in Grand Cayman was referred to as rainy season. However, ever since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the United States were so greatly affected by this terrible hurricane, the media has taken rainy season to a whole new level. There is non-stop coverage of every tropical depression that begins to form. Very rarely do these storms amount to a hurricane and even rarer do they strike Grand Cayman. The biggest advantage to a hurricane over a tornado or earthquake is that you know well in advance that the hurricane is coming. This gives you ample time to get off the island and cut your vacation short, if necessary.


I've been to Grand Cayman numerous times in September and October and never even thought twice about it. It's a beautiful time of year as the ocean is still hot from the summer heat, but the evenings cool down enough that it's comfortable enough to eat dinner outside. Even if it does rain in Cayman, it's almost always a passing shower, with warm rain, around an otherwise sunny day. Very rarely does Grand Cayman see a completely cloudy day full of rain that is often seen in the States. In fact, the rain can feel quite refreshing on a hot day and it doesn't even stop you from swimming, walking down the beach, snorkeling, or any other outdoor activities. 


So the next time you are trying to plan a trip, take advantage of the cheap prices, small crowds, and very quiet island and visit Grand Cayman during rainy season. You might get a few raindrops, but you will save money and still enjoy everything that the beautiful Cayman Islands have to offer.