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So where exactly is Grand Cayman?

Amazingly, Grand Cayman is only 22 miles long and 7 miles wide (at the widest point), which makes it seem like you are isolated in a small speck of tropical paradise.


However, people rarely take the time before visiting to look and see where they are actually going to be. Have you ever been relaxing in the ocean in the Cayman Islands and said, "Wow! I'm so comfortable, I'm going to just float to Cuba?" If you were to float uninterrupted from Grand Cayman, where exactly WOULD you end up? Would it be Cuba? Well that depends on which side of the island you are floating. Let's take a look!!

Caribbean map

  •  If you are floating along Seven Mile Beach in front of your condo and floated directly West, the first land you would hit, if you floated in a straight line for 378 miles, is somewhere between Cozumel, Mexico and Belize.
  • If you are floating in the North Sound or at Rum Point, and floated directly North, you would run directly into Cuba after floating for 150 miles.

Rum Point 2

  • If you are floating on the East End, and floated directly East, you'd be headed straight towards Haiti, which is 578 miles away.
  • Finally, if you are floating on the South Side of the island near Boddentown or Breakers, and floated directly South, the first land you would hit would be Panama in Central America, which is 724 miles away.


While I wouldn't recommend trying to float the hundreds of miles of Caribbean Seat that separate the Cayman Islands from these various locations, it gives you some perspective of just where exactly you are when you are relaxing in paradise.

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Great info! Very interesting! I agree, many people have no idea where cayman is!

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Awesome information!
I would love to have a 4 week vacation between Cozumel, Mexico and Belize. :)

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