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Change is Good: From Treasure Island to Sunset Cove

One of the most popular properties of Cayman Condos is about to undergo a very exciting change. Treasure Island Condominiums are excited to announce they will be changing their name to Sunset Cove. Once the beach restoration project was complete in the Fall of 2010, the name change made sense. With the beautiful cove finished, there is no better sunset setting on the entire island. The beach in front of the condos becomes a popular gathering place during Happy Hour because everyone wants to enjoy the breathtaking sunset. Because of this, the owners of the Treasure Island Condos decided that the name change would reflect the property in a more accurate away.


In addition, there had been much confusion among guests due to the hotel being named Treasure Island as well. Despite sharing the same property for years, the Treasure Island Hotel and Treasure Island Condominiums are completely independent of each other with different owners and management teams. The timing seemed right to create an identity that our guests can relate to.


So effective immediately, the condos formerly known as Treasure Island Condominiums will now be called Sunset Cove. For our long time guests, this may take some getting used to, but we are confident that with time, Sunset Cove will be one of the most recognizable names on the island. After all, what better spot to take in a gorgeous sunset than at Sunset Cove?


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