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Morgan's Harbour

Morgan's Harbour is located in West Bay and is just a short drive away from all our properties on Seven Mile Beach. As you make the 15 minute drive through the West Bay countryside, you will see parrots, roosters, and even an odd stray cow. Once you arrive at Morgan's Harbor, you will experience soft breezes flowing in from the Sound with great views of fishing boats docked at the harbor. This charming experience is worth a visit on your next trip to Grand Cayman.

Morgan's harbor

Morgan's harbor 4

There is a lot to do at Morgan's Harbor, including a bird sanctuary that allows you to hold some of Cayman's most exotic birds. This is also where Dolphin Cove is located, which allows you to swim with the dolphins (See #4).




This is also the location of one of Grand Cayman's most popular restaurants, Calypso Grill. This colorful restaurant is open to the sea breeze for the most peaceful experience on the island. Their fresh seafood is second to none and features specialty dishes such as: Sauteed Sea Bass, Crispy Mango Shrimp, Seafood Linguine, Smoked Salmon, and more, including duck, lamb, and beef.

Calypso grill

Calypso Grill 2

Calypso grill 3

So whether you are looking for a relaxing lunch or a fancy dinner, Calypso Grill at Morgan's Harbour has it all. I recommend checking out the bird sanctuary, swimming with the dolphins, and then grabbing lunch all in one stop to the popular Morgan's Harbour.


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