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What's Happening in Cayman?

Whether you have a trip to Grand Cayman already planned, or you are looking to schedule a last minute trip, there is plenty going on when you get there in the next six weeks. April and May both feature exciting attractions for locals and tourists alike. 

The entire month of April features Cayfest, which is a month-long arts festival. This popular festival showcases local talent in a variety of different ways. Some of the displays are portrayed through art, photography, dance, music, poetry, and plays. You can learn a lot more about Cayfest through the specialized website.

They celebrate Easter on Grand Cayman with a special Easter egg hunt. There are even obstacle courses, bouncy castles, live music and more, which makes the Easter celebration perfect for familes with children. The celebration takes place in the brand new Camana Bay.

As the calendar turns to May, it features the Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament. This annual event is much anticipated and creates excitment throughout the island. You can register by this website.

Also in May is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the entire year. The Batabano Adult Parade is a cultural celebration that takes place over several days, culminating with an extravagant parade along West Bay Road. The festival includes street celebrations, costume contests, music, local food, and more. If you have children, you might want to keep them away from the adult parade, which is actually quite provocative. However, there is a Botabano Carnival Junior Parade, which features children's costume parades, calypso dancing, steel drums, and food. This Junior parade is held at Camana Bay on May 28th.



So whether you have been going to Cayman for years, or set to make your first trip, make sure to check out what's happening on the island the next few weeks. There is a little something for everyone.