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Melting Hearts All Over the Island

What started out as a crazy idea for a "glow in the dark party" 2 years ago, has turned into a fad over-taking Grand Cayman. Anywhere you look around Grand Cayman, you see people wearing bright colored sunglasses. These party shades have evolved from a fun party idea to a popular sunglass line, called Melting Hearts.



The Canadian based company offers all kinds of different color combinations, due to the unique ability to interchange the sides of the sunglasses. You want Lime green frames with purples sides? No problem mon. You want black frames with red sides? No problem mon. You want white frames with pink on one side and purple on the other side? They can do that too. 

Melting hearts dogs

The line has evolved from the first Melting Hearts, to the Classic Melting Hearts, to the Original Melting Hearts with colored lenses for the first time, to the latest line, which feature a bigger frame and better lens, the Wild Hearts.

These popular sunglasses are available at Billy Bones Pool Bar at Sunset Cove or online at MeltingHearts.com. Check out the website to see all the wild colors with matching straps making these sunglasses ideal for swimming and water sports.


The popularity of these sunglasses has seen them pop up in various stores around the world, including Singapore, South Africa, and soon to be Grand Cayman. Don't be afraid to test your wild side by picking up a pair of melting hearts so you can begin melting hearts all over the world.


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