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Best Beaches on Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is known for the turquoise waters, amazing seafood, and pristine beaches. There are many wonderful beaches in Cayman. Depending on what you are looking for might determine which beach best suits your needs. All the beaches provide you with an amazing island experience that you can't find anywhere else, so you really can't go wrong, but there are differences in each beach that might help you find one for your group of visitors.

1. Seven Mile Beach is the most popular beach. It's located in the heart of the island and is the home for most of the big hotels and condominiums. All of our properties are located on Seven Mile Beach. This beach has powdery white sand and is ideal for swimming. There are many properties along Seven Mile Beach that offer watersports, such as parasailing, jet skis, tubing, kayaks, paddleboards, and more. This is also the beach for the amazing sunsets. 


2. In the heart of downtown George Town you will find Smith Barcadere. This small pocket of sand is located in an area of mostly ironshore coastline. This beach provides easy snorkeling and also has lots of trees to shade you from the intense sun. It also has public picnic tables, restrooms, and public showers.

3. As you make your way further to the East End of the Island, you will find Scott's Public Beach in Savannah. This small and often deserted beach is a great spot to get away from the traffic of the island to enjoy a day without any interruptions. This south-facing beach does contain cliffs at either end and does not offer any facilities. Also, be cognizant of potential currents which can be strong due to the south-facing nature of this beach.

4. Next comes Coe Wood Beach in Bodden Town. This sandy beach offers cabanas for public use. They also have a children's play area and offer restrooms. There is a beachside cafe at Coe Wood Beach that offers a delicious fish fry.

5. Rum Point is arguably the most popular beach on the island. It is a decent drive (45-50 minutes) from Seven Mile Beach, but offers a relaxing taste of the North side of the island. Locals and residents flock to Rum Point by car and boat. The most popular aspect of Rum Point is the Wreck Bar, which offers the world's best mudslide. They offer hammocks, volleyball courts, and a great lunch menu.


6. Finally, the Kaibo Public Beach faces the North Sound. The ocean is very calm here and is shallow, making it a perfect spot for kids. Kaibo is known for it's peaceful environment  and offers excellent food choices. Kaibo overlooks a pristine sandy beach and offers many trees for shade.

So the next time you visit Grand Cayman, please don't get caught spending every day on the beach in front of your condo. Give some of the other beaches on the island a try. There's no better way to spend a day than with a book, a drink, and the Cayman sun.

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