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Elements Night Club

After a fun day on the beach enjoying the sun and a great dinner at any of the great Grand Cayman restaurants, some people like to head back to the condo to go to bed. However, people that are fans of nightlife will want to head out for music, drinks, and dancing. One of the best spots for this is Elements Nightclub located in the Strand Centre right on Seven Mile Beach.


Elements features numerous nightly specials that vary throughout the year. You would want to check out the different nights you are there to see if they are still the same. Currently, Thursday nights see all women get in for free (no cover) and also drink their stoli featured cocktail for free all night. Can't beat that, right ladies? Friday nights feature, The Takeover, with Selecta Renegade & DJ Von, the best DJs the island has to offer. On Fridays the doors open at 9:00 PM, with no cover charge until 10:00. Saturday nights features a $15 all you can drink special from 9:00-10:00.

Elements is located on the second floor of the building. The first floor has a place called The Living Room, which is much more low key. It does have live bands sometimes and is a nice place to stop before going upstairs. There is also a place to grab late night food on the first floor called The Kitchen. There is no inside, but there is a window to walk up to and order jerk chicken, wraps, sandwiches, and more.



If you are looking for good night life on the Island, I highly recommend Elements at 22 Canal Point at the Strand. In future blog postings, I plan to talk about other night life opportunities so keep your eyes open.

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grate article...elements seems like an awesome place...im goin there soon and im lookin into the bars and clubs...i wanna party here!! if youre lookin for more info on what to do in cayman ive found a few online guides around, this one is pretty good http://www.yabsta.ky/guide

Superb writing! I for long time was looking for a club (especially night one) on seven miles beach, the idea of being at Elements Night Club, thrills me. My friend lives there, and I have been there two times, still want to go again. Being a food lover I want to check pizza restaurants there, where I can have an informative online cayman guide on internet?

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