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Cayman Islands: Perspective of a 1-Year Old

After a long weekend of family, turkey, and football, I was having a tough time coming up with an idea for the weekly blog. I decided to let my 1 year old son write the blog for me. Enjoy.


It's been six long months since I was in Grand Cayman and quite frankly I'm ready to go back. I asked Dad to take us in October and he said he was busy with work. I asked mom to take us and she said maybe in January. I've heard that before, but my fingers are crossed. When I was there in May it was pretty much the best vacation of my entire 1 year of life. Where else can you run around in a diaper and sunglasses all day? 


Flying on the airplane was pretty cool. As we began to land on Grand Cayman, you could see the entire crescent=shaped island with the beautiful blue waters surrounding it. Once we landed and got in the taxi, I was loving all the beautiful palm trees and our taxi driver was so friendly. She was telling us stories about what was going on around the island.


We went out for dinner that night to an amazing Italian restaurant called Casanova's. I had spaghetti. Everyoe else was drinking some kind of grape juice that they told me I couldn't have. They drank a lot of it. It came in a fancy bottle and they ordered a lot of bottles of it. We had a really fun dinner.





I remember going to the turtle farm and playing with all kinds of turtles. It was really cool. I want a pet turtle now, but mom says no.


I learned how to swim in the kid's pool so mom and dad let me try the big person pool. There was a place IN the water to get food. It was called Billy Bones and I had a grilled cheese almost every single day. Everyone I was with kept drinking these fancy milkshakes, apple juice, and fruit punch. They wouldn't even let me try one sip. Selfish. 




At night we would gather on the porch of our condo and watch a beautiful sunset. It was pretty awesome how every single night there was a gorgeous sunset that we got to see. Again, everyone was drinking this fancy grape juice. I can't imagine why they love it so much, but they sure go through a lot of bottles of it.




One day we went on a boat in the middle of the ocean. We got to play with stingrays and saw many cool fish. That day was my favorite day of the whole trip. We even stopped at a place called Rum Point to lay on the beach, eat lunch, and swim in the ocean. I didn't like getting that ocean water in my eyes, but I did love swimming in it. Everyone was drinking these fancy milkshakes again. They called them "mudslides" whatever that means. They gave me a bottle of water. Thanks mom.






We went for a long walk on the beach one day. My toes were in the water. I played with seashells. I made a sand castle. I buried my Grandpa in the sand. I could get used to playing on the sandy beach every day.



We had a really cool enclosed cove right in front of our condo at Sunset Cove that allowed us to sit in the water for hours. The water was so warm and it was really fun. Mom put sunscreen on me like 10 times, but I suppose that's because we didn't see a cloud all day.



As you can see, the Cayman Islands are pretty much the coolest place on earth and I can't wait to go back in January. Maybe THIS time, mom and dad will actually let me try one of those milkshakes or a glass of that grape juice.


This blog posting was written by my 1 year old son, Brett. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Cayman Islands voted "Friendliest Country in the World"

In my visits to the Cayman Islands, I've always thought that the locals are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are willing to give directions, suggest things to do while on the island, chat, and frequently invite you to go out for drinks with them like you are long-lost friends. 

Because of my experiences on the island, I wasn't surprised at all last week when the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey was released announcing the Cayman Islands as the friendliest country in the world. 

Think about that. There are a lot of countries in the world. There are a lot of friendly people in the world. However, this survey determined Caymanians to be second to none. The Cayman Islands Premier, McKeeva Bush, said "I am delighted to learn that the Cayman Islands has earned the top spot and international recognition as being the No. 1 friendliest country in the world."

The survey was ratings over a variety of factors, including "how  kid friendly the country was" and "economy", but the main four categories were "ability to befriend locals, success in learning the local language, capacity for integrating themselves into the community, and ease in which they fit into the new culture." Based on these criteria, it is no surprise to me that the Cayman Islands won. 


Thinking back on my times on the island, I remember playing pick up basketball on the local court with Caymanians I had never met and they welcomed me as though I was one of them. I also remember talking to taxi drivers and getting all the local gossip, which is always entertaining. The next time you visit Grand Cayman, don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with any local you run into. They are charming, funny, and often times very helpful.


Australia finished second on the list, while the United Kingdom was third. The United States finished seventh.

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