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Dining Option? Local Fish in Condo

While there are many great restaurants in Grand Cayman, some nights it might be more relaxing to just dine in at your condo. A few of the units are equipped with gas grills right on the patio. However, Treasure Island has grills for use by all guests over by the kiddie pool. A great way to sample the local flavor is to head downtown to the local fish market. 


As you approach downtown Georgetown, you can't miss the big white tents set up on the shore line. Every day has a different variety of fish for you to purchase, including red snapper, wahoo, mahi mahi, or parrot fish, to name a few. 

There are several reasons why this is a great idea. First, the fish is as fresh as you can find on the island because it is literally caught that morning. (Get there before noon so you get the freshest fish). Secondly, it is a cheap alternative to dining out or buying fish in the grocery story. Finally, they clean the fish for you right there  and remove all the bones so you have a tasty boneless filet to take back to your condo.


There are numerous different ways to prepare the fish. It comes down to personal preference. You can fry it, broil it, grill it, or bake it. No matter what your favorite style is, you can rest assured, it will be the freshest fish you've ever eaten.

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Rum Point

If you are looking for a fun way to spend a day in Grand Cayman, take a trip to the one and only Rum Point, home of the world famous Wreck Bar. This isolated beach on the North end of the island is the home of the original Mudslide. If you come from 7 Mile Beach, you could get a great look at various parts of the island that are more native than what you see along 7 Mile Beach. The 60 minute drive will take you along the oceanside through Georgetown, Boddentown, and East End, with several great photo opportunities along the way. On the way back, you can save about 15 minutes by taking the bypass and avoiding the East End. If you don't have a car, you might be able to find a boat captain that will drive you over across the North Sound.

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Once at Rum Point, you will find a small, quiet beach with plenty to offer for a very relaxing day. The large hammocks offer a great opportunity for a nap or chance to read your favorite book. 



If you are looking for a little more action, there is a volleyball net that is always open for games. The highlight of any trip to Rum Point is the authentic mudslides. Unlike mudslides you buy anywhere else, these have no ice cream, no chocolate syrup, and no whipped cream. It is an island delight of Vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey's, topped with a full shot of Kahlua poured down your straw. If you have your kids with you, you are in luck because a virgin mudslide won't cost you a dime-cups of ice are FREE!! However, if you plan on having more than 1 mudslide, you better have someone to drive you back to your condo because these delicious treats are potent!


The Wreck Bar also has a full lunch menu that is quite tasty. My favorite is the Mahi Mahi sandwich. 


You can spend the rest of the day, relaxing in the shallow beach waters, without a care in the world. The water stays shallow for about 200 yards allowing for a comfortable spot to wade and talk with a drink in your hand. 


So the next time you visit Grand Cayman, make sure to give Rum Point a visit for a care-free day of relaxation.


Grand Cayman: Fun at Royal Palms

There is a spot on Seven Mile Beach that can entertain you and your family at any time of day. Just a short walk from Treasure Island Condominiums, Royal Palms has it all. Looking for a quiet spot early in the morning? Grab your favorite book and a lawn chair on the sandy Royal Palms beach. Looking for a great lunch on the beach? Head to Royal Palms for a great sandwich or wrap. Looking for a day time Island drink? Stop by Royal Palms during your walk down Seven Mile Beach. Looking for water sport activities? Royal Palms has a stand that rents out all the entertaining water sports that kids love. Looking for a place to watch the sunset and have a few Happy Hour drinks? The friendly bartenders at Royal Palms will have whatever you crave. Looking for a fine dining option? Eat at the Royal Palms restaurant, Reef Grill. Looking for late night entertainment? Hit the Royal Palms dance floor for some live music, outside, right on Seven Mile Beach.

As you can see, Royal Palms has it all. Right in the heart of Seven Mile Beach, it is easy to access from any of the various condo properties. They have a standard lunch menu that offers wraps, sandwiches, and burgers. Their restaurant, Reef Grill, offers an exquisite menu, including a daily fresh catch that is sure to make your mouth water. For late night entertainment, there is live music until midnight, where you can dance the night away under the Caribbean stars. Finally, if your looking for a place to parasail, rent jet-skis or kayaks, these activities are all offered right on their beach. 

When I'm walking home from a trip down 7 Mile Beach, I love to make a visit to Royal Palms to grab a Nutty Monkey, which is one of their specialty frozen drinks. Whether looking for a romantic dinner, live music, or a place to watch the sunset, Royal Palms is a must-visit spot.

 Royal Palms Video


Casanova Restaurant By the Sea

There are very few restaurants in the world that I would consider a "top attraction" to a city, but Casanova Restaurant by the Sea in Grand Cayman truly is. In my 30 years of going to Grand Cayman, I have seen restaurants open and close. I have tried them all. However, no matter how hard they try, nobody has topped the atmosphere, charisma, and charm of Casanova's. Oh yea, and their food is pretty darn good too. 

Casanova 1

Casanova 11

Click here for: Casanova's Website

For 20 years Tony Crescente has owned this quaint Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Georgetown. The emphasis he puts on making his customers feel at home is what separates Casanova's from any other restaurant in Cayman. Every time you walk through the door, they make you feel like you truly are the most important person that has ever dined there. The emphasis has always been on the customer, which goes a long ways.

Click here and see video where Tony talks about Casanova's

Casanova 3

Casanova 7

Not only does Casanova's have impeccable service, but they have an amazing menu to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for an authentic Italian dish or a freshly caught local fish, you will find something that everyone in your party can enjoy. In addition, they offer a wine list that is second to none. My favorite dish is the classic spaghetti or the fresh mahi-mahi. They finish off any dinner with an excellent dessert menu and always bring out an after dinner drink, such as Limoncello.

Casanova 1


Casanova's has not made it this long without overcoming a little adversity. They have suffered damage from hurricanes, including one that totally wiped the entire restaurant out. However, in his persistent Italian way, Tony Crescente would not allow that to dampen his passion for Casanova's. He reopened in a beautiful ocean-front location, with patio seating that is literally on the Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for the most beautiful setting, ask to be seated outside on the patio. 

Casanova 13

Casanova 8

It doesn't matter if you are going on a honeymoon dinner or going for a birthday party with 12 people, Casanova's caters to both types of parties. For the romantic dining experience, Eugeno will come and serenade you with beautiful harp music, including the ability to play almost any love song you request.

Casanova 5

Casanova 6

Casanova 9

Or if you are celebrating a birthday, they put on quite the show, making the birthday seem like the biggest event they've ever hosted.

Click here to view a Birthday Celebration at Casanova's

All in all, Casanova Restaurant by the Sea has the food, atmosphere, and charm that any vacationer would want to experience in their dining experience. The bottom line, if you visit Grand Cayman and don't visit Casanova's, then you wasted an amazing opportunity. Ciao!!

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What exactly is Marinated Conch?

For years, people in the Cayman Islands have been eating marinated conch. You see it on virtually every menu as an appetizer. But what exactly is this sea creature? How is it prepared? Where do you find it? 


The Queen Conch is a large marine-living mollusk. It is a soft-body animal with a hard shell as protection. They achieve full size at about 3-5 years old, with a maximum size being about 12 inches long. They live in the sandy region near reef habitats. They start in shallow water, but then move to deeper water until it is time to lay eggs at what time they return to shallow water. They are able to move around by use of their foot, which ends in a pointed shape. This allows them to move in a leaping motion along the sea floor.

How does this relate to your trip to the Cayman Islands? When you head out on a snorkel trip, they almost all involve a stop to dive for conch. These beautiful shells are often hard to find because the bright pink side is face down and the top is often the same color as the sand and covered in algae. Once your group finds about 5 of them, the captain begins the process of marinating them for a tasty appetizer. Yes--I said marinating. Not cooking. Did I forget to mention that marinated conch is not cooked. It is perfectly healthy to eat the firm conch meat raw.

Click here for great video: Captain Gleason cleans conch meat

At this point, the captain takes a screw driver to disconnect the conch from its' shell. After disconnecting it, then it slides right out of the shell and is ready to be cleaned. (see video above). The best piece of meat to eat is the firm white meat that gets sliced into fine pieces and marinated. They say the conch is marinated in a "secret-recipe", but it seems to be a little lime juice and pick-a-peppa sauce. It is served with saltines for a real Caribbean Treat.

The only thing to keep in mind is that there is now a conch season because it is on the endangered species list. They are only able to catch and serve conch from November 1st to April 30th. So if you want to experience the marinated conch experience when you are on your snorkel trip, make sure you go down during the right time of year. It is truly a delicacy that everyone should try.


My Top 5 Cayman Islands Attractions

When someone plans a vacation, undoubtedly the first question is “What is there to do there?” The nice thing about a trip to the Cayman Islands is laying on the beach, soaking up the rays, listening to the waves, and relaxing with an island drink in hand is enough to make any vacation great. However, if you want to get some relief from the sun, here are five must-see attractions on Grand Cayman.

 #5. Head to Georgetown for Duty-Free Shopping: I will admit, I’m not much for shopping, but even I like to visit the shops downtown once per trip. The shops are all duty and tax free, which allows for some great deals not found in the United States. Shop for sunglasses, jewelry, watches, leather, souvenirs, and more. Helpful tip: Visit the shops in Georgetown on a day when there are no cruise ships. You will be able to have several shops to yourself in a small walking radius. You can find out the cruise schedule at: 

Cayman Islands Cruise Schedule

 #4. Swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove: While this is kind of pricey, I feel it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You get to pet, kiss, and hold the dolphins, while learning all about this amazing creature. Plus there is no bigger thrill than floating on your stomach and waiting for two huge dolphins to swim up from behind you at full speed and push you up in the air by your feet (see picture). As a guy asked the trainer when we were there, "What happens if they miss your feet?", the trainer responded, "They won't miss." Let's hope not...

Dolphin Cove

#3. Dine at Casanova’s By The Sea. I don’t typically consider a good restaurant a tourist attraction, but Casanova’s is always a highlight of my trip. This Italian restaurant, overlooking the Caribbean Sea, offers a wide variety of pasta, seafood, and chicken entrees. Tony Crescente, a true Italian, is the owner and prides himself on authentic food from his homeland with family recipes. The service is impeccable and they definitely make every person feel welcome, as though you are part of their family. Whether on a romantic honeymoon get-away or there with a large group, the atmosphere at Casanova's makes this a must-try attraction. Even if you are making your first ever visit to Casanova's, the staff will make you feel like Norm from "Cheers", where everyone knows your name.

Casanova Restaurant

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#2. Have a mudslide at the Wreck Bar at Rum Point: If you have ever had a mudslide in America or at any other bar in Cayman, you might think it’s pretty good. You haven’t had a mudslide until you try one from the Wreck Bar at Rum Point. The sign at the bar says it best: “How much for a virgin mudslide? Cups of ice are FREE!!” If you can find a captain to take you over via boat, that allows you to enjoy the mudslides without worrying about driving. If you have a rental car, it is about a 45 minute drive across the beautiful scenery of the Cayman Islands along the East End. Whether by boat or by car, Rum Point is a must visit attraction. Spend an afternoon here lounging on the beach and floating in the shallow water, or relaxing in a hammock after a mudslide and a mahi sandwich! Friendly tip from experience: when you are with 7 people---42 mudslides in one afternoon is about 28 too many.

Rum Point


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#1. Take a boat on a snorkel trip to Stingray City. The highlight of any trip to the Cayman Islands is a day on the Sea Fire with Captain Gleason Ebanks. However, there are several different captains that will take you out. The trip starts with a visit to Stingray City for a once in a lifetime opportunity to hold, pet, and play with these fascinating creatures. These create some great photo opportunities as the captains will feed and hold the stingrays allowing them to be held in a calm manner. The next stop is along the coral reef in the North Sound. It is here that you might see lobsters, nurse sharks, and lots of beautiful fish. After the snorkeling, a wonderful meal is served on the boat that consists of Mahi Mahi, islands style potato salad, and banana plantain. Finally a stop by the coral gardens to look at schools of colorful fish, sea turtles, and even a moray eel, ends the wonderful day. 

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While there are many things to do in the Cayman Islands, and everyone has different tastes, these five attractions are “must-see” whenever I visit!!