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Casanova Restaurant By the Sea

There are very few restaurants in the world that I would consider a "top attraction" to a city, but Casanova Restaurant by the Sea in Grand Cayman truly is. In my 30 years of going to Grand Cayman, I have seen restaurants open and close. I have tried them all. However, no matter how hard they try, nobody has topped the atmosphere, charisma, and charm of Casanova's. Oh yea, and their food is pretty darn good too. 

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For 20 years Tony Crescente has owned this quaint Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Georgetown. The emphasis he puts on making his customers feel at home is what separates Casanova's from any other restaurant in Cayman. Every time you walk through the door, they make you feel like you truly are the most important person that has ever dined there. The emphasis has always been on the customer, which goes a long ways.

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Not only does Casanova's have impeccable service, but they have an amazing menu to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for an authentic Italian dish or a freshly caught local fish, you will find something that everyone in your party can enjoy. In addition, they offer a wine list that is second to none. My favorite dish is the classic spaghetti or the fresh mahi-mahi. They finish off any dinner with an excellent dessert menu and always bring out an after dinner drink, such as Limoncello.

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Casanova's has not made it this long without overcoming a little adversity. They have suffered damage from hurricanes, including one that totally wiped the entire restaurant out. However, in his persistent Italian way, Tony Crescente would not allow that to dampen his passion for Casanova's. He reopened in a beautiful ocean-front location, with patio seating that is literally on the Caribbean Sea. If you are looking for the most beautiful setting, ask to be seated outside on the patio. 

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It doesn't matter if you are going on a honeymoon dinner or going for a birthday party with 12 people, Casanova's caters to both types of parties. For the romantic dining experience, Eugeno will come and serenade you with beautiful harp music, including the ability to play almost any love song you request.

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Or if you are celebrating a birthday, they put on quite the show, making the birthday seem like the biggest event they've ever hosted.

Click here to view a Birthday Celebration at Casanova's

All in all, Casanova Restaurant by the Sea has the food, atmosphere, and charm that any vacationer would want to experience in their dining experience. The bottom line, if you visit Grand Cayman and don't visit Casanova's, then you wasted an amazing opportunity. Ciao!!

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