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Lazy Days are the Best Days

When visiting the Cayman Islands for the first time, it is not uncommon to cram so many things into a short trip that you forget to relax. While a snorkel trip to stingray city is a must and there are several other planned events that you can try, limit the amount of "planning" when you are there and simply relax and enjoy the surroundings. If you are there for 6 days, I would not recommend trying to squeeze in swimming with the dolphins, visiting the turtle farm, shopping downtown, a fishing trip, and a trip to rum point. Save some of them for your next visit. If you attempt to do all those things on a short trip, you will wonder where the trip went when it is time to head back home. I'd like to show you an example of one of my favorite days in the Cayman Islands.

6:36 AM: The sun rises and the waves crash into the shore waking me up without any alarm clock needed. Big decision--roll over and stay in bed or get up and start my day?

6:50 AM: I chose to get up. Next big decision of the day, walk over to the gym and get a workout in or go for a morning jog along the beach?

7:10 AM: I chose to jog along the beach. Wearing nothing but my swimsuit and a baseball cap, I begin my jog down 7 mile beach. The intensity of the sun is not too hot yet, but it still gets you sweating faster than a normal workout would. I jog for a few miles and jump into the ocean to cool off before beginning my jog back. A quick dip in the pool to rinse off the salt water and it's time for breakfast. Next big decision of the day, breakfast in the condo? Or walk across the street to Coconut Joe's?

8:45 AM: Mom made pancakes so there was no way I was turning that down. However, Coconut Joe's is within walking distance and does have a great breakfast menu. After scarfing down a quick breakfast in the condo, it's time to lather up in sunscreen and grab a book. James Patterson or Harlan Coben? Tough decisions in the Cayman Islands.


9:16 AM: I head out to the beach and grab a lawn chair, face the sun, and begin reading. Life doesn't get much better. After reading for awhile and a few dips in the pool to cool down, I start getting hungry again. I never wear a watch in Cayman because there are no schedules, but my stomach tells me it must be approaching lunchtime. Eat at the Billy Bones Pool Bar? Grab a sandwich in the condo? 

12:03 PM: Lunch at Billy Bones it is. After I swim up to the barstool and decide to get a chicken quesadilla, she asks me if I'd like something to drink. Another tough decision. I think about ordering water or lemonade, but then someone sitting next to me says, "it's 5:00 somewhere." I settle for a mango daiquiri. (yes girly drink, I know). 

12:56 PM: Re-apply sunscreen and back to my book. Then someone asks me if I want to go snorkeling in front of the condos. Someone else says they are going for a walk down the beach. Geez, decisions!! Since I already went for a jog in the morning, I choose to snorkel.


1:45 PM: After grabbing my mask, snorkel, and fins, we go out to the sandy beach to get ready to head out to the reef. We see many a barracuda, flounder, sea turtle, lobsters and many other small fish. After snorkeling, it's time to go back to the pool and rinse off. It's approaching Happy Hour. Next big decision, a beer or rum punch?

4:17 PM: 2 for 1 rum punch at Billy Bone's makes that decision an easy one. After enjoying a couple rum punches, it's time for Happy Hour on the porch of our condo. With cheese, crackers, and vegetables already cut up, the next decision of the day becomes, red wine or white wine?


5:32 PM: I go with a nice glass of Pinot Gris. The sunset is gorgeous without a cloud in the sky creating many great photo opportunities. As the sun hits the horizon someone says, where do you want to go for dinner? Wow. The decisions in Grand Cayman never end.




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