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Cayman Islands Turtle Farm

It is pretty fitting that the turtle is the Cayman Islands logo seen prominently around the island, while the biggest attraction is the turtle farm. When Christopher Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands back in 1503, he actually named them Las Tortugas after all the large sea turtles he saw there. When making your next visit to Grand Cayman, make sure you take a visit to West Bay to check out the island's most popular attraction. The turtle farm is a must-see attraction for anyone that has never done it and is especially popular for small children. 




Some of these amazing green sea turtles weigh over 600 pounds, so it would be pretty cool to see them. However, at the turtle farm you can actually jump in and swim with them. This swimming lagoon is filled with coral, sunken treasures, and even an island with peacocks and iguanas.



There is also a predator tank, complete with sharks and a barracuda. This is simply a viewing tank, but still a pretty neat experience. 

There are also touch tanks where various sized turtles swim and play, where you are able to touch, hold, and even take amazing photos.



The turtle farm is complete with a restaurant and souvenir shop for a complete day of fun. It can be a little bit pricy, but is probably worth checking out if you have never been. For more information on how to find the turtle farm or to book a tour, you can visit their website

For all you turtle lovers out there, this is a pretty amazing experience. I highly recommend a visit on your next trip to Cayman.


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