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Looking for a Dive Spot? Try Eden Rock

The Cayman Islands are known for some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. The colorful coral and beautiful fish that the Cayman Islands contain are breathtaking. There are many spots you can explore the Caribbean Sea on the Island, but one of the best dive spots is Eden Rock. Located just minutes from downtown Georgetown, Eden Rock is one of the top-rated shore dives in the world. Instructors are available for you to explore the tunnels and caves deep in the sea. Are you worried if you've never been scuba diving before? Not a problem. You can get certified right on the island and it only takes a few hours. Not interested in diving? Not a problem. You can see a lot of what Eden Rock has to offer by snorkeling on the surface. Each trip into the water is different because you never know what you will see. It is possible to see barracuda, stingrays, flounders, lobsters, eels, and many other exciting sea creatures. While there are a lot of different attractions in Grand Cayman, I'd recommend spending a half day at Eden Rock taking a look at some of the best scuba diving in the world.


For more information on Eden Rock, visit their website


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