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Dining Option? Local Fish in Condo

While there are many great restaurants in Grand Cayman, some nights it might be more relaxing to just dine in at your condo. A few of the units are equipped with gas grills right on the patio. However, Treasure Island has grills for use by all guests over by the kiddie pool. A great way to sample the local flavor is to head downtown to the local fish market. 


As you approach downtown Georgetown, you can't miss the big white tents set up on the shore line. Every day has a different variety of fish for you to purchase, including red snapper, wahoo, mahi mahi, or parrot fish, to name a few. 

There are several reasons why this is a great idea. First, the fish is as fresh as you can find on the island because it is literally caught that morning. (Get there before noon so you get the freshest fish). Secondly, it is a cheap alternative to dining out or buying fish in the grocery story. Finally, they clean the fish for you right there  and remove all the bones so you have a tasty boneless filet to take back to your condo.


There are numerous different ways to prepare the fish. It comes down to personal preference. You can fry it, broil it, grill it, or bake it. No matter what your favorite style is, you can rest assured, it will be the freshest fish you've ever eaten.

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When visiting such places on your travel, you cannot miss tasting the local dishes. Like the woman in this picture, you know that the fish is fresh as it was swimming freely in the sea water a few hours before. This retains the fresh taste of the fish which makes the various recipes taste so much better. One of the things I look out for when planning my travel is the traditional type of food of the place.

There may be different ways of preparing the fish but personally I would trust the vast experience of local chefs to impress me with traditional recipes. Fresh fish can be easily identified from older fish from its taste. You can literally taste the salt of the seawater while eating your fish dish. This is why I make it a point to taste fish dishes when I travel to countries which are close to the sea.

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