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10 Things I think I know about the Cayman Islands

In the last 31 years I have made countless trips to the Cayman Islands. Whether it is your first trip ever or a return trip for the 50th time, everyone can learn a little from someone else's experiences. During my lifetime, there have been numerous changes on the island. Restaurants have come and gone. Technology has gone from no phones or televisions to wi-fi, iphones, and cable television. But some things have remained consistent over the years. With that being said, here is a list of 10 things I think I know about the Cayman Islands.

10. The waters surrounding the Cayman Islands are clear, warm and lacking big waves/strong currents. This provides the Cayman Islands with a great swimming experience for visitors of all ages.


9. The sunsets in the Cayman Islands are breathtaking, with no 2 sunsets ever looking alike. This provides a new photo opportunity and memory each and every night.


8. The restaurants in the Cayman Islands provide the freshest seafood of anywhere in the world, often including fish so fresh it was caught earlier in the day. 


7. The shopping in downtown Georgetown and newly built Camana Bay offers great deals on jewelry, sunglasses, watches, and more with tax-free and duty-free prices.


6. The snorkeling in Grand Cayman provides the clearest waters and most colorful corals of anywhere in the world, not to mention the wide array of fish and animals, including Stingray City.

5. The people of the Cayman Islands are among the friendliest around. They are known for telling great stories to complete strangers and always willing to assist with directions or things to do.


4. The drinks in the Cayman Islands are a great way to cool down  in the middle of the day for some day-time drinking. Try a Cayman Mama, Cayman Lemonade, Mudslide, or a simple Rum Punch.


3. The beach in the Cayman Islands, known as 7 Mile Beach, is ranked as one of the top beaches world wide. As the name states, it extends for almost 7 miles of pristine beach.


2. The weather in the Cayman Islands never disappoints. With temperatures consistently in the 80's and 90's, regardless of the time of year, you are almost certain to return home with a nice tan.


1. The way of life in the Cayman Islands is care-free, which suits a person looking for a relaxing vacation well. As they answer everything in the Cayman Islands, "No Problem Mon."


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