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Experience the Deep Sea


There are many great snorkel and dive spots in the Cayman Islands to experience the corals, colors, and fish of the Caribbean Sea. However, you can't get to 100 feet deep with a simple mask and snorkel. The Atlantis Submarine in Grand Cayman can get you to depths of the sea that you will never see with from the surface. The Atlantis XI is an advanced submarine that can allow passengers the opportunity to brilliant sea life from 100 feet deep.

This submarine was specially designed for underwater sightseeing excursions, led by knowledgable marine guides who provide information during the entire trip. The submarine is comfortable for passengers as it is air-conditioned and maintained at sea level pressure, so there is no effect on your ears.

The submarine was developed in Australia and features large, clear windows optimal for viewing the spectacular sights of the sea, with numerous photo opportunities. There is even a moment when a trained diver enters the water and begins feeding thousands of colorful fish right outside the windows.

You will be blown away by the amazing clarity of the water as well as the colors of the coral and fish. During the 90 minute trip passengers often experience sea turtles, corals, shark, eel, and stingrays. Oh and if you feel like you've seen all these things before, but are too scared to snorkel or dive after dark, the Atlantis offers night tours too, which gives you an entire different perspective of night life, when you see shrimp, lobsters, and other night time sea creatures come alive.

Next time you are in Grand Cayman, make sure to make a visit to the Atlantis Submarine for some breathtaking views that you will remember forever. To book your submarine tour for $79, you can visit this website:


Unfortunately, I don't have any under-water photos of the submarine to post here, but if you visit the website above or do a simple google image search, you will see plenty of great photographs to give you an idea of what this trip is all about.

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Submarine tour! That is one thing I haven' done, and I'd thought I'd done it all when it comes to beach and ocean based activities. I'll have to give that one a try!

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