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When Did Mudslides Turn Into Milkshakes?

Over the years the Cayman Islands have been known for their tasty frozen drink, The Mudslide, that originated at Rum Point. This delicious day-time favorite for tourists consists of vodka, bailey's, and kahlua, blended together with crushed ice. This drink is even topped with kahlua poured down the straw so your first sip has a little extra kick.


Somewhere along the way, the traditional mudslide disappeared from everywhere but Rum Point. You now see imitation mudslides that are pre-mixed with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Don't be fooled. This is a milkshake, not a mudslide. This is how they are made in America and it's how they are made at far too many places in Grand Cayman now.


Do yourself a favor and head to Rum Point for an afternoon and order "The Original Mudslide". You will love your decision, but you better make sure you have a driver if you plan to drink more than one, because these tasty drinks are potent. Oh, and if you have kids, don't bother ordering a virgin mudslide, because at Rum Point, cups of ice are free!!

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