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The ABCs of Grand Cayman

I did a similar posting a couple years ago, but I thought it was time to refresh my list! Enjoy!

A: Atlantis-Take an under-water tour on the Atlantis Submarine. To spice it up a little bit, try the night trip.

B: Billy Bones-Visit the swim-up pool bar at Sunset Cove. With barside seating (out of the water) and barstool seating (in the water), they have all your favorite island drinks and a delicious food menu.


C: Camana Bay-Spanning 500 acres from Seven Mile Beach to the North Sound, there is something for everyone in this new village. Check out the shops, restaurants, movie theater and more.

D: Dog House-A popular destination for those die-hard sports fans wondering how they are going to see their favorite NFL team play on Sunday. This sports bar has all the games. Located in Red Bay, just East of downtown George Town.

E: East End: If you have a car, take a drive to the East End. It will give you a great view of the non-touristy part of Grand Cayman. You'll see a lot of locals, homes, schools and more as you make the scenic drive along the coast. On the way home, stop at the Lighthouse Restaurant for a great lunch.

F: Fidel Murphy's: This Irish Pub is located right next door to Sunset Cove and provides great food and drinks for a reasonable price.

G: George Town: Head to the heart of downtown Grand Cayman for some duty-free shopping. However, check out the cruise ship schedule and try to time your visit downtown on a day with no cruise ships.

H: Happy Hour: Enjoy Happy Hour on the patio of your condo with your favorite beverage (wine for me) and snacks as you watch the beautiful Cayman sunset.


I: Island Time: Rembmer that everyone in Grand Cayman operates on "Island Time". 9:00 means 9:20. There is no such thing as a quick meal. And sometimes you'll go to a shop in the middle of the day and there will be a sign that says "Be Back Soon" on the door. Don't worry about it. No problem, mon. You're on vacation.

J: Jolly Roger: Enjoy a sunset cruise on an old pirate ship, with all you can drink rum punch. Warning: These pirates go light on the juice.

K: Karma: Cayman's new sushi bar offers a great dining experience, complete with their specialty dessert-liquid nitrogen ice cream, prepared at your table from scratch.

L: Lazy: It's OK to be lazy in Cayman. It's your time to relax. Read a book. Lay in the sun. Cool down in the pool or ocean. Repeat.


M: Morgan's Harbour. Visit West Bay and make a stop at Morgan's Harbour for a great dining experience at Calypso Grill with waterfront seating.

N: Nature: Enjoy all the beutiful things nature has to offer on one island. Flowers. Palm trees. Plants. Animals. Fish. Sunsets. Moonlight. 



O: Ocean Swimming Cove: The newly created cove at Sunset Cove allows for swimming in the ocean perfect for kids as the cove keeps the water warm and protects against the big waves. Grab a drink and a raft and spend a few hours in the cove.


P: Positano: Casanova's is the Island's best restaurant and my favorite dish is the Spaghettini Positano. The atmosphere, wait staff, wine and food are second to none at this island treasure. Stop in and visit Tony, Gianni, Antonio and the rest of the guys for a night you won't soon forget.



Q: Quick: The vacation to Grand Cayman always goes too quick. Enjoy every moment because it truly is paradise.

R: Rum Point--Home of the Original Mudslide, Rum Point is a must-visit. If you can find a boat or jet ski tour to take you there, that is best because you don't have to worry about driving home after your Mudslides.



S: Stingray City--One of the more unique places in the world, Stingray City offers the opportunity to swim with, pet, and feed these amazing animals. You might even score with a stingray back massage. 


T: Turtle Farm--The Cayman Island's Turtle Farm is a great spot for children to visit where then can pet, hold, and learn all about turtles.

U: UV Rays--No matter how much sun you are used to or how much you tanned before you visited, lots of sunscreen is going to be needed. The Cayman Islands are located on the equator and combined with the reflection of the sun off the pool and ocean, the perfect receipe for sunburn.


V: Video Camera: Take a video camera because there are sure to be moments you will want to remember forever.

W: Watersports--Take a walk down 7 Mile Beach and visit any of the Watersports stands. Jetski. Parasail. Kayak. Banana Boat Rides. They have it all for you or your family to enjoy.

X: XoXo: Weddings. Honeymoons. Anniversaries. There is no more romantic place than Grand Cayman in the world.

Y: Year-round: Grand Cayman is a year-round destination. There is never a bad time to visit Cayman. Whether in the hot summer months, or the warm winter months, the Cayman Islands are always comfortable and the water is always warm.

Z: Zoo: The Grand Cayman waters offer your very own under-water zoo full of animals and fish.


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Your photographic post has shown the great picture of cayman. I loved each word of your post. I want to fly there next month, how are the Cayman medical facilities for tourists?

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