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Tortuga Rum

Have you ever tried a Tortuga Rum Cake? Have you ever heard of it? A staple of the Cayman Islands, Tortuga Rum Cake is a big hit amont tourists that visit the Islands. 


Since 1984, Tortuga Rum has been a fixture of the Cayman Islands. They introduced the rums to the Cayman Islands primarily as a souvenier for the rapidly growing tourist industry. In 1987, they opened the first duty free rum-store and shortly after the now famous Tortuga Rum Cake.

By 1990 the demand for the Rum Cakes was so great that they expanded the company with a bakery.

In 1997, a Tortuga Rum Cake Company opened in Miami, Florida. They began to handle worldwide distribution, mail order and online sales. The Tortuga brand is now well-known by more than 20 million annual Caribbean tourists. Tortuga Rum Cakes are now the #1 exported item of the Cayman Islands and was named the "#1 Cruise Souvenir by Porthole Cruise Magazine.

So the next time you visit Grand Cayman, make sure you take a bite out of history-try a Tortuga Rum Cake!


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While we were in the island we were fortunate enough to try your mango rum. We don't know when we will get the chance to find anymore for sale. Please let us know how or where we can buy any here in Florida. We have friends that really want some more but we just can't get enough for everyone. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Whee i can by this Botle Tortuga Rum in to the Internet ?
I'm from Germany
t Hanks for York ansehen.

If all possible I can get more information or where we can order online.we got some when we. was on vacation 2 week ago.family member loved. It. any information willbe appreciate. Thanks

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