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Camana Bay: Farmer's Market

During my last trip to Grand Cayman, I decided to swing over to Camana Bay one day to see what was happening. To my surprise, there was a great Farmer's Market set up right in the heart of Cayman's newest city. Not only is Camana Bay loaded with shops, restuarants, live music and more, but it also features a Wednesday Farmer's Market. The market runs form 12:00-7:00 every Wednesday.

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It's a great opportunity to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables for your stay on the island. It also features many island souveniers, juices, smoothies, and other snacks.

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I decided to try their mango-banana smoothie and it was outstanding. We also picked up some fresh mangos and they were juicy and ripe and made a declicious snack during Happy Hour.There were also baskets, conch shells, jewelry and more.

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The Farmer's Market isn't large, but it's very good. I'd strongly recommend giving it a visit the next time you are on the island.

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