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Baby….It's Cold Outside!!

Every winter, there is a stretch of cold weather that makes people long for a tropical vacation. This year, the cold weather is colder than ever and the trip might be needed more than ever. Take a look at some of these wind chills (what the temperature feels like when factoring in the wind) expected tomorrow morning.

Green Bay, WI:  -51 degrees F

New York, NY: 13 degrees F

Minneapolis, MN: -55 degrees F

Anchoraage, AK: 30 degrees F

Austin, TX: 24 degrees F

London, England: 46 degrees F

Calgary, Canada: -14 degrees F

If that doesn't send a chill down your spine, I don't know what will. While those parts of the world will be bundled up inside their house, the weather tomorrow in Grand Cayman calls for 84 degrees and sunny. For those coming from Minneapolis, that's 139 degrees warmer!! Book your flight now.





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