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Cayman Islands Represented in Sochi Olympics

It's not quite four Jamaican sprinters in a bobsled like the popular movie, Cool Runnings. However, the Cayman Islands have an olympian in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. What event could a Caymanian possibly compete in during the winter Olympics? As Sanka famously said during the 1993 movie, "you mean winter, as in igloos and eskimos and penguins and ICE?" Despite the logistical challenges facing a Caymanian to train for the winter Olympics, Dow Travers will be competing in this week's Alpine Skiing events.

The 26 year old was born in Grand Cayman. He has been donned the nickname, The Ginger Ninja. The 2014 Sochi Olympics are his second Winter Olympics after he became the first ever Caymanian to participate in the winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.

After an exchange program in France at the age of 14, Travers took up skiing. He was told by coaches that he had a chance to be an Olympian some day. He spends his time training split between Grand Cayman and Aspen, Colorado. When he's not skiing, he plays rugby on the island.


Despite the cold weather in Russia, Travers led the Cayman Islands delegation wearing flip-flops and shorts at the Opening Ceremony on Friday night.  When you are watching the Olympics this week, take notice during the Alpine skiing events and look for one of Cayman's own, Dow Travers. 

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