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Camana Bay Ferry Service to Rum Point

Have you ever wanted to get to Rum Point, but not wanted to make the long, winding, hour-long drive from Seven Mile Beach? Have you ever wondered who was going to drive back if you all had a few "Original Mudslides" from the Wreck Bar? Have you never been to Rum Point, but want to give it a try? The answer to all of these question lies in the news that Camana Bay has started a new ferry service to and from Kaibo Yacht Club. 



While the Kaibo Yacht Club isn't exactly Rum Point, once there, you are just a 2 minute shuttle ride away from Rum Point. The ferry service currently runs every day except Monday with times varying by day. At a cost of just $20 C.I. per person, this is a rather affordable option to get to Rum Point without having to drive or charter a boat. 


The comfortable boat cruises from Camana Bay through the North Sound and to the dock at Kaibo Yacht Club. From there you are able to hop on a shuttle provided by the ferry service to be at Rum Point in about 35 minutes total. The reason the ferry is not able to drop-off directly at Rum Point is because the dock is in water that is too shallow for the boat.


Once at Rum Point, you are able to order food from their kitchen, including their terrific mahi mahi wrap or sandwich. This is also the home of the Original Mudslide. The sign famously asks, "Do you serve virgin mudslides?" with the response being "yes we do-a cup of ice is free." (This is why having a boat to get back to 7 Mile Beach comes in handy).


The next time you are on the island, give the new ferry service a try. After all, you can't really go wrong with an afternoon on the quiet, isolated beach of Rum Point.


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