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Cayman Islands Turtle Farm

It is pretty fitting that the turtle is the Cayman Islands logo seen prominently around the island, while the biggest attraction is the turtle farm. When Christopher Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands back in 1503, he actually named them Las Tortugas after all the large sea turtles he saw there. When making your next visit to Grand Cayman, make sure you take a visit to West Bay to check out the island's most popular attraction. The turtle farm is a must-see attraction for anyone that has never done it and is especially popular for small children. 




Some of these amazing green sea turtles weigh over 600 pounds, so it would be pretty cool to see them. However, at the turtle farm you can actually jump in and swim with them. This swimming lagoon is filled with coral, sunken treasures, and even an island with peacocks and iguanas.



There is also a predator tank, complete with sharks and a barracuda. This is simply a viewing tank, but still a pretty neat experience. 

There are also touch tanks where various sized turtles swim and play, where you are able to touch, hold, and even take amazing photos.



The turtle farm is complete with a restaurant and souvenir shop for a complete day of fun. It can be a little bit pricy, but is probably worth checking out if you have never been. For more information on how to find the turtle farm or to book a tour, you can visit their website

For all you turtle lovers out there, this is a pretty amazing experience. I highly recommend a visit on your next trip to Cayman.


Batabano Festival

If you ever make it down to Grand Cayman during early May, you might want to check out the Batabano Festival. In 1983 the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman launched a festival, which is a salute to Cayman's turtling heritage. The word batabano actually refers to the tracks in the sand by sea turtles as they crawl onto the beach to nest. The legend says that finding these tracks is a reason to celebrate. 

This carnival is a celebration unlike any other seen on the island. It includes a wide range of music, dance and pageantry, all while showing off colorful and extravagant costumes.






While on the island last week, I took in the parade on May 7th. I was blown away by what I saw. People lined the streets for miles from Camana Bay all the way through downtown Georgetown. The parade included hundreds of wild masqueraders dancing for the crowd along West Bay Road. The music was loud! The costumes were scandalous! The actions were not suitable for children. This was a parade unlike any I had ever seen before. 

The parade started promptly at 3:00 PM (ok ok....who are we kidding? This is Cayman time-it was more like 3:09) and included stilt walkers, extravagant costumes, and people of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to flaunt their bodies and throw away their worries for an hour. 

CLICK HERE FOR: Batabano Parade Video #1

CLICK HERE FOR: Batabano Parade Video #2

If you happen to be on the island during this festival, I recommend checking out the parade, but you better hide the children. If they want to take part, there is a children's parade one week later to conclude Batabano that would be more suitable for their eyes. 


Grand Cayman: Fun at Royal Palms

There is a spot on Seven Mile Beach that can entertain you and your family at any time of day. Just a short walk from Treasure Island Condominiums, Royal Palms has it all. Looking for a quiet spot early in the morning? Grab your favorite book and a lawn chair on the sandy Royal Palms beach. Looking for a great lunch on the beach? Head to Royal Palms for a great sandwich or wrap. Looking for a day time Island drink? Stop by Royal Palms during your walk down Seven Mile Beach. Looking for water sport activities? Royal Palms has a stand that rents out all the entertaining water sports that kids love. Looking for a place to watch the sunset and have a few Happy Hour drinks? The friendly bartenders at Royal Palms will have whatever you crave. Looking for a fine dining option? Eat at the Royal Palms restaurant, Reef Grill. Looking for late night entertainment? Hit the Royal Palms dance floor for some live music, outside, right on Seven Mile Beach.

As you can see, Royal Palms has it all. Right in the heart of Seven Mile Beach, it is easy to access from any of the various condo properties. They have a standard lunch menu that offers wraps, sandwiches, and burgers. Their restaurant, Reef Grill, offers an exquisite menu, including a daily fresh catch that is sure to make your mouth water. For late night entertainment, there is live music until midnight, where you can dance the night away under the Caribbean stars. Finally, if your looking for a place to parasail, rent jet-skis or kayaks, these activities are all offered right on their beach. 

When I'm walking home from a trip down 7 Mile Beach, I love to make a visit to Royal Palms to grab a Nutty Monkey, which is one of their specialty frozen drinks. Whether looking for a romantic dinner, live music, or a place to watch the sunset, Royal Palms is a must-visit spot.

 Royal Palms Video


Is Cayman Fun For Kids?

While Cayman is an extremely relaxing island that gives adults a much needed escape from reality, people often wonder if it is a good place to take kids. I've been going since I was born, which was in 1980. From as early as I can remember, I always loved my visits to the Cayman Islands. While Cayman is a different type of destination than a place like Disney World, it still has a lot to offer children. Here are some great suggestions of things to do with your kids in Cayman:

1. Dolphin Cove: While a bit pricey, swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove is a once in a lifetime opportunity for kids. The great trainers teach kids all about the dolphins and also let you touch, pet, and swim with these amazing creatures.

Dolphin Cove Website

2. Stingray City: This is an absolute must during any trip to Cayman. These creatures are truly amazing and, while intimidated at first, kids eventually warm up to them.

Stingray City Website

3. Turtle Farm: Since the turtle is used in the logo of the Cayman Islands, visiting the Turtle Farm during your visit seems appropriate. It gives children the opportunity to learn about the wildlife heritage and culture of the Cayman Islands, through interactive activities with beautiful sea turtles.

Turtle Farm Website

4. Snorkeling: This can be done right in front of Treasure Island Condos, which is great for introducing children to the sport of snorkeling. If they have never done it before, I highly recommend teaching them in the pool. It's a lot less frustrating getting pool water in your eyes and mouth, than the sting of salt water. Once they have it down, take them out into the new enclosed cove area before venturing out to the beautiful reef. Finally, towards the end of your trip, take a snorkel trip to the North Sound with stops at Stingray City as well as the beautiful reef, where you can see nurse sharks, lobsters, and beautiful fish.


5. Look for seashells and hermit crabs: This sounds pretty simple, but it truly is the most vivid memory I have of my early years in Cayman. Obviously they are all over the beach and each one is very unique.

6. Eat lunch at Billy Bones pool bar: If staying at Treasure Island Condos, the kids will love the ability to sit in the water and eat lunch. Mom will love not having to cook lunch every day. The novelty of eating while sitting in the pool is pretty cool to most kids.


7. Listen to steel drums performance: A sound that is native to the Cayman Islands is a steel drum performance. Locals perform at least once a week in the Treasure Island Hotel lobby. Children will enjoy this unique musical sound, while adults can enjoy complimentary rum punch.

8. Atlantis submarine: This 48 passenger submarine goes to depths of greater than 100 feet, which gives you a chance to view marine life, without having to be certified to scuba dive. 

Atlantis Submarine Website

9. Jolly Roger Cruise: This pirate cruise on a real pirate ship is a daytime trip that kids can enjoy. They offer fruit punch and rum punch that is sure to cool you down in the hot Cayman Islands sun. Kids can enjoy a Pirate Trial ending in an intense sword fight. Don't forget to have the kids bring their swim suits though for when they have to walk the pirate's plank.

Jolly Roger Cruise

10. Pirates Week: If you are fortunate enough to visit during Pirate's Week in November, there are all kinds of various activities for kids, including treasure hunts and parades.

Pirate's Week Website

11. Play on the beach: This sounds pretty simple, but it really could pass hours of time for kids. The warm sun, bath-water ocean, and white sand gives kids lots of fun options on the beach. Typically, a visit to the Cayman Islands is a kid's first experience with a beach so they are intrigued by it and can spend hours playing on it. Please view the video below of several kids in front of Treasure Island Condos building a sand castle.

YouTube Video of Sand Castle